How Do I Redesign My Galley Kitchen?

Galley kitchens, also sometimes referred to as corridor kitchens, are common in apartments and older, smaller homes. That’s because they’re designed to utilize space well and come from a kitchen design era before open-concept kitchens became popular.

When designed correctly, galley kitchens can actually be incredibly functional. In fact, plenty of professional chefs even prefer them for their efficiency. The key is that they have to be done right.

That’s where Mueller Remodeling comes in. If you’re ready to transform your galley kitchen in your Treasure Island home, we can help. As design-build contractors, we have decades of experience in redesigning and remodeling kitchens to match our customers’ needs!

Can You Open It Up?

First things first: Can (and should) you open up your galley kitchen to more closely resemble an open-concept kitchen? The answer will depend on your lifestyle and your available space.

Single people and couples tend to function better in galley kitchens than large families simply because galley kitchens are smaller. If you spend a lot of time solo and don’t cook often, your square footage may be better served elsewhere.

Those who love to entertain might want to consider opening their galley kitchen up to create social spaces. You may be able to remove or alter a wall to include a kitchen island for people to gather around or a combination kitchen counter/dining area as a convenient spot to complete homework or eat meals.

Keep in mind that some walls are structurally integral to your home and can’t be removed. These are all things we at Mueller Remodeling can go over during a kitchen design and remodeling consultation.

Your Kitchen: Where Function & Design Live Together

If you’ve decided that you can’t or don’t want to change the layout of your galley kitchen, don’t worry; there are still plenty of excellent ways to transform your space. Here are some key considerations to think through as you decide what improvements you would like to make.

The Question of Symmetry

The first is the age-old question for planning a galley kitchen design: Do you want it to be symmetrical or asymmetrical?

Symmetrical galley kitchens feature upper and lower cabinets on both sides. Many homeowners love this design style because it feels clean and balanced. Asymmetrical galley kitchens, on the other hand, might feature floor-to-ceiling cabinets on one side and distinct upper and lower cabinets on the other. This is a creative use of space that can increase your room for storage.

Planning for Safety

You’ll also want to consider whether or not your galley kitchen is used as an actual hallway. Does it connect one part of the house to another, or does it stand alone with a closed wall at one end?

If it is used as a functional hallway, you may have kids and pets running through while cooking, which can be dangerous. It’s a good idea to place your sink and cooktop on the same side to minimize the risk of accidents. If you go this route, placing your fridge across from and midway between your sink and cooktop will create a triangle of frequently used kitchen areas, which creates a great flow when working in the kitchen.

Enhance Your Space

If your galley kitchen stands alone with a closed wall at one end, it’s always nice to enhance that wall to add a little something to your space. You could add open shelving to make space for house plants and cookbooks, create a chalkboard wall to write the weekly menu on, or hang photos and corkboards to revel in memories and pin grocery lists.

Whatever you do, stick to light-colored cabinets to make the space feel bigger. Cabinets that don’t require hardware can also help streamline the space!

There are plenty of kitchen design solutions for those looking for a change to their galley kitchen. We can help you find them. Call Mueller Remodeling today to talk to a design-build contractor about your new kitchen.

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